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Example profiles

Thomas C. Südhof
View information about Thomas C. Südhof.
Leena Peltonen-Palotie
View information about Leena Peltonen-Palotie.
Pardis Sabeti
View information about Pardis Sabeti.
Agnes Binagwaho
View information about Agnes Binagwaho.
Jane Shelby Richardson
View information about Jane Shelby Richardson.
Alex Bateman
View information about Alex Bateman, a British bioinformatician.
Didier Musso
View information about Didier Musso.


Scholia can show multiple authors together.

Finn Årup Nielsen, Ole Winther, Sune Lehmann and Morten Mørup
Compare researchers at Cognitive Systems, Technical University of Denmark.
Lars Juhl Jensen, Eske Willerslev, Søren Brunak
Compare Copenhagen bioinformatics/genetics researchers.
Natalie Portman and Paul Erdős
Anders Eklund, Anders Eklund, Anders Eklund, and Anders Eklund
Where would we be without identifiers...
Teheipuaura Mariteragi-Helle, Maite Aubry, Jean-Claude Manuguerra, Van-Mai Cao-Lormeau, Didier Musso, Anita Teissier, Mike Kama
Seven researchers studying infectious diseases in the Pacific region


If you know the author by social account or identifier, you can look them up with:

Look up by Twitter username @utafrith. This will identify the London-based researcher Uta Frith and redirect to her Scholia page.
Lookup 0000-0001-5916-0947 that is identifying Magnus Manske.
Redirect via GitHub username, here @fnielsen to Finn Årup Nielsen.
Redirect via VIAF identifier, here to Ben Feringa