Improve data


Our data source is Wikidata, a structured data project similar to the encyclopedia project Wikipedia. Each item is identified by a Q number, and information can be added directly to an item's page (in this case, Some information however, like an author's papers, are stored on the item for the paper itself. The "What links here" link in the sidebar of an item can show these items.

There are also various tools available which can make editing Wikidata quicker and more rigorous.

Most important for Scholia is the Author Disambiguator, which can be used to quickly create new dedicated items for authors and find existing papers which do not link to the author.

Missing author items

The authors listed below may only be represented as strings in Wikidata with no link to Wikidata items. Follow the link to use the Author disambiguator tool to try to resolve the authors.

Missing publication date

These works are missing a publication date.

Works on the topic with missing additional topics

The following works have only been tagged with this one topic.

Missing publication venue

For example, here are works with this topic that do not have a publication venue. You can improve the data by clicking the link on the right and adding a "published in" (P1433) statement if you know it: